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The conservation department at Gordailua carries out a range of work. It is in charge of supervising the centre's conservation work. This aspect includes controlling climate conditions, coordinating comprehensive pest control and drawing up an emergency plan for the collections. The centre also carries out restoration work on the items, some of which are in a poor state of repair. Several different areas have been fitted out for cleaning, preparation, conditioning, conservation and restoration. Before any intervention, the items are studied and analysed to determine the material, technique and state of conservation, and the best treatment is decided upon accordingly.

The conservation department also supervises, monitors and works on portable cultural items from the provincial collections held at other sites, as well as any other important items of Gipuzkoa's heritage that the corresponding committees may decide on.

Safe and suitable work areas are provided in the restoration workshops. An air-regenerating infrastructure absorbs dust and toxic fumes and there are inlets for compressed air. The workships are fitted with specific machinery for their tasks.