San Telmo Museum (STM)

San Telmo is the municipal museum of San Sebastian. It is named after the former convent in which it is housed. Founded in 1902, it is the oldest museum in the Basque Country. In its long history, the museum has accumulated thousands of items. These include more than 650 archaeological pieces, 9,000 ethnographic items, 6,800 artworks, 800 historical pieces and 15,000 photographs. The museum continues to be committed to preserving, completing and adding to its collections, which depict the history and evolution of Basque society.

When the museum was remodelled in 2011, the Provincial Government of Gipuzkoa and San Sebastián City Council reached an agreement that any collections not on exhibition should be stored and handled by Gordailua. Gordailua now houses over 31,000 items from the STM, where they are available for study by specialist researchers. The centre also restores and prepares items loaned for temporary exhibitions, as it does with the provincial government's collections.