What it is Gordailua?

Gordailua is owned and run by the Gipuzkoa Provincial Department of Culture, Tourism, Youth and Sports and houses the provincial government’s heritage collections. It also contains items from the San Telmo Museum and other public and private organisations, including work by the artist Nestor Basterretxea. Most of this material consists of ethnographic items and works of art, totalling over 70,000 objects.

Since 2015, Gordailua has also been the province's archaeology and palaeontology depository, housing items found in digs, surveys and troves throughout the province. This depository is stored in over 10 000 cases.
Gordailua has a programme of acquisitions. It also analyses any offers of donation, sale or loan of items made by individuals or organisations. Criteria for acceptance include the condition of the piece, its contribution to the collections, whether it is representative of a given period, territory, social sector, etc.