Gordailua's recommendations for taking care of Gipuzkoa's movable and immovable heritage
15 / 05 / 2020
Given the massive disinfection that is taking place in the streets and buildings of our cities, Gordailua has prepared a series of recommendations for the care of the movable and immovable heritage of Gipuzkoa. Indeed, given the risk of the virus spreading, disinfection operations are being carried out that, applied indiscriminately to cultural heritage, can cause irreparable damage. That is why, always aware of the health priority and in the common endeavor to combat infections without damaging our artistic and historical heritage, Gordailua joins numerous entities responsible for their care to make known a few instructions that will help us in the care of our heritage.
Cultural heritage is unique, let's not destroy it unconsciously

The best weapon for its conservation is prevention

You can download the information here: