"The offering of Elcano" (1922)
08 / 10 / 2019

Representation of the arrival of Juan Sebastian Elcano after going around the world in Nao Victoria. Painted in oil on a canvas of 2.25 x 2.20 m, the work shows the landing in Seville of the 18 crew members who, candle in hand, march towards the church Our Lady of Victory and Our Lady of Antigua, in action of gratitude.

The painting presented strains and bagging all over the perimeter of the canvas, so it was treated with pressure and magnets controlling the actions of both. The polychromy had undergone an important ex-contemporary intervention, incompatible with the original materials that had caused cracking and material migration. Non-original materials have been removed using gelled cleaning systems thus controlling layer-by-layer removal. In addition, fabric fissure points have been reinforced with thread sutures. Superficial dirt was cleaned with gels of aqueous solution adjusted in pH and conductivity.

Simultaneously a historical-artistic study of the work is being carried out. Data and testimonies of people who knew the painter or his work are being collected. So, if someone can provide data, we encourage you to contact us!